1" Flechette
1 Pound - $15.00

Demilled from the 105mm "Beehive" round. 1 inch flechette may be used for reloading shotgun and revolver shells. Loose packaged. Sold by other famous mail-order co. for $29.97 lb.
1 pound = approximately 1000 - Cleaned
No bulk pricing now. Almost gone.


Once Fired Brass From My Personal Stash.

Cleaned, Inspected, Boxer Primed, Mixed Headstamps

Very Limited Supply, Call Me. USPS Shipping

7.62x25mm Pistol

200 Rd. for $20.00
Municoes De Armas Ligeiras NNY H.S.

9x19mm Pistol 500 Rd. for $35.00 Mixed Headstamp

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